Nicolas Zahorsky joins Floutek Team.
Nicolas Zahorsky joins Floutek team. I know him for his offstring. I admire his skills for many years. I was surprised one year ago at SLC when I saw it is only one of his yoyoskills. Except 2A, which I haven't seen, he mastered all styles. I appreciate him a lot. Appart from yoyoying he helps to enhance floutek yoyos. For example he proposed one color of Sumec Light.
Sumec 7075 - Sumec made of aircraft aluminium
It sets Floutek standards even higher. Despite the same weight feels a bit heavier than normal Sumec but much more playful.
New colour of elastic yoyo pouches - blue.
Filip David joins Floutek Junior Team
Filip David joins Floutek Junior Team. Team members have been telling me for a while that he has such a nice tricks. And I have to say they were right. Perfect example is his freestyle from Czech Yoyo Nationals. Nice complicated tricks performed so calmly that it seem more like he is playing at home than in front of crowd earned him 10th place. He deffinitely has bright future and deserves to be accepted to Floutek family.
Jiri Zavadil comes back
Jiri Zavadil comes back after few years pause. It is not easy but 11th place proves that he will be attacking winners podium soon again.
Krystof 6th at Czech Yoyo Nationals!
Great job Krystof! 6th place at Czech nationals is amazing.
Floutek Lube S
Floutek Lube S - No science in lubing bearings any more!

Lubing your bearing is now much easier. After cleaning in petrol just put one drop of lube into to the bearing and let it dry for few minutes. And you are good to go. Just forget problems with overlubed bearings.

New run of Sumec soon available
The first third of Sumec's new run if finished. Finally without any vibe! Now it is time for vibratory tumbling.
Birth of Sumec - part 1 - CNC lathe
Do you want to see how Sumec is made? That is just what you will see now! Birth of Sumec is a 3 part documentary which will take you through the process of turning piece of aluminium into Sumec!
Krystof 1st at SLC 2014
Krystof wins another competition. Well done.
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